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Hizbollah Crimes against Iraqis!! Flight 163 tragedy

Iraqi Airways Flight 163 was an Iraqi Airways Boeing 737-270C, registry YI-AGJ, that was hijacked in 1986. On December 25, 1986, en route from Saddam International Airport (now Baghdad International Airport) in Baghdad to Amman, Jordan, Flight 163 was hijacked by four men. Iraqi Airways security personnel tried to stop the hijackers, but one grenade was thrown into the passenger cabin. It exploded, initiating an emergency descent. Another hand grenade exploded in the cockpit, crashing the plane into the ground near Arar, Saudi Arabia where it broke in two and caught fire.

There were 106 people on the plane, and 63 of them died. The surviving passengers were able to tell authorities what transpired on the plane. The hijacking was one of the worst ever, and was one of many others in the time from 1985 to 1986.

Shortly after the hijacking, the pro-Iranian group "Islamic Jihad" (a widely used name for Hezbollah) claimed responsibility. One of the dead hijackers was later identified by the CIA as a Lebanese national named Ribal Khalil Jallul, whose passport photo was matched to a Hezbollah martyr poster found near a mosque in Beirut.1 Iraq accused Iran of being behind the attack.

Source of Above article: Wikipedia,

....And you guys who call yourself Mahdi Army and carry our Iraqi flags, sympathise with Hizbollah? which is more important Iraq or Iran & palestine in your eyes!!! if you do not like Iraq then wimp out to Iran or any of your masters. we don't want Iranian trash in Iraq.
Note: that Iranian names here not regarding shiites, it is regarding those who loyal to Iran not iraq. and by the way, I orignially shiite. but Mullahs destroyed shiism and made people hate it.

Keep up the good work. If you don't mind me asking, are you an Iraqi Jew living in israel or an Iraqi who supports Israel?

Perhaps you could explain your
affiliation in a post.
As you are obviously quite well-informed. Could you please explain to your readers why and how Israelis bombed the Iraqi nuclear plant in 1981? Probably it was to show their friendship and love to the Iraqi people! Don't tell me it is was because of Saddam being a bad boy, remember at that time he was your boy still..
Since when was Saddam Israel's boy???

Saddam has funded terrorstorganizations acting against Israel from day 1.

An nuclear installation in hands of that man was a downright direct threat to Israel's existence.

Had nothing to do with the Iraqi people. Just with Saddam. Eventhough you don't wanna hear it, Hala_S.

re:mister ghost,

no, I'm not jew, I'm Iraqi support Israel. I just no sense why many against Israel? there are alot of misinformation about israel. I hope that in israel people will get more media to change that information, but israelis need our support now. and for Iraq interest that the mideast be safe.

and re: halo_s, look there was one hostile incident from israel against iraq. while there dozens from our ex-governments and even now against israel. don't be fool. in 1991, Iraq rained israel with missiles. and why? for who?

and in 1973, we entered war against them with syria and egypt, why??

and our ex-governments funded palestinian terror groups, again why? why our money wasted their, and why we should be against israel.

Saddam and baath governments talked about destroying israel, of course they feared saddam could nuke israel.

I was so curious about the reality of this conflict, so I met several jews in the states, they are very nice people not as Islamists always talk. I met some israelis too, they also people wanna live in peace and tired of wars. just like our hope now in Iraq, we want to live in peace, but terror groups whether inside the country or outside don't let us live at all.

If Israel won the war on hizbollah, I hope, we in Iraq is going to feel it better, Mahdi army and Iran are going to be weaker and broken. and in near future, I think Americans and Iraqi-gov will start campign against sadr and his idiot army.
I'm totally agree with u dude, keep on the good work.
I dont agree about "Israil won the war", cuz hizballa did win, and everyone knowz that, but I'm still agree with u about the whole idea, u kno peace with israil.
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