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Listen Iraqi Government, Iraq is with Israel.

Annoyed by the recent news that our Iraqi government condemned Israeli self-defense without condemning Hizbollah attacks, I started to create this blog. Long time ago, Iraq was one of the first Arab country to support all hostile actions against Israel, started from the British influenced Royal government in 1948 until today's American influenced Islamists government in 2006, Does Iraq has any interest to be against Israel? is this going to serve peace in middle east?

In 1948, Iraq joined all-scale Arab invasion to Israel, bringing five armies from five different Arab countries mostly influenced or mandated by Britain to ttople down Israeli new state under claim of Palestine is Arabic land. After massive wars, all our armies brought the defeat and no victory and the war lost. In 1973, Ba'ath dictator regime sent our army to help Syria and Egypt aggression on Israel, and again the armies failed. In 1991, Saddam attacked Israel with bunch of missilles while Iraq was under attack by large world coalition. even though of that attack, Israel did not attack. yes Israel involved in aggression on Iraq in 1981 by attacking nuclear project, however, if our government at that time provoke Israel and promise destroying it, of course Israel is going to reply. After all that, was our governments positions in bringing us to war with Israel in our interests? No, so far, but how about that thing of we have to stay into the Arab agreed position and we have to help palestinians? read further.

In 1990, while Iraqi people sympathised with Kuwait people who suffered from brutal activites of Saddam in Kuwait, Palestinian terror group sympathised with Saddam against Kuwaities, did we hurt? yes, after iraqi raisings in 1991, Palestinians groups, according to some reports [not confirmed], gave wide-scale information about people movement and anti-regime groups. In fact no one can give any statement against Saddam in front of palestinians, because many of them were working closely to the regime intelligent agencies reporting any anti-saddam activity. Is that enough so far? maybe not, but what about Sympathy of Palestinian terror groups with Zarqawi?

In 2006, after Zarqawy became a dead burned meat in US&Iraqi fire, Hamas the terror network in palestine mourned Zarqawi and said that he is a great "Jihadist" leader!!!! Wait a second, Zarqawi claimed several and hundreds of attacks on Iraqi civilian? so are you Iraqi government sympathise with those terror groups? how about Hizbollah?

To know about Hizbollah terror group actions against Iraq, pro-Iranian mullahs, read this article: about Iraqi Airways hijacking by Hizbollah group, throwing bomb inside passenger place and cockpit crashing the plane onto ground. flight 163. Is this group pro-Arab? is this group respect Shiites as they claim? is this group respect civilians? ah, and by the way this group has large affiliation of terrorist acts of Daawa party in the past. today daawa party or at least for long time or at least they claim they left terror attacks, however, we see very sympathising feelings from their officials toward hizbollah, of course, their ex-terror counterpart. ah, don't say I m pro-saddam, think about it, they particpated in attack kuwait airport, american and french embassies, Iraq foriegn ministry...etc

What about the goals? Iraq is multi-ethnic and religious group, want to live in peace, be developed, should have good industry, good infrastructure, electricity, water, economy, business and one country for all and democracy and people choice. while Hizbollah, hamas, islamists want large Khilafa includes several countries with no-border invade other countries too, impose their only beliefs, who's beliefs? sunni or shiites? NO, it is the most strongest religious group beliefs, who wins? imagine how many wars then will come if they control? you don't believe me? look at Iran revolution, they kill each other, until Khomaini wins and then he kills others. do you know that officer at the shah regime helped Khomaini to survive execution, he had been executed in the first row after Khomaini controlled Iran!!!!! duh!!!

Now, leave the interests, turn to humanity, Israelis not all army come and invade palestine in war to say they don't have to stay and they have to go back. There were many many jews living in palestinie peacefully and under authorized permission from Ottomans. and then during the british mandate, many other jews came to palestine escaping from Nazis, they come and buy land from palestinians, palestinians sold their lands!!!, they sold it, nobody took it from them. the immigration increased. but what Arabs did there? they attacked Jewish civilians and killed alot, in reaction, a kind of civil war started between arabs and jews! and each side kills alot from other. so not just the jews did so as Arabic government teaches us, it is very different story. it is reality. our arab brothers there started the war like idiot hizbollah now.

Futhermore, in 1967, egypt and several Arab countries openly were preparing invasion to Israel and promise mass killing of jews, those countries prepared for the war in their speeches and less-prepared poor armies, of course Israel prepared for self-defense seriously and decided NOT to stay as idiots waiting for the invasion, they defend themselves and their people that they respect to stop any aggression and they wins. Egypt and its allies tried again to prepare for war of liberation of their lands now not palestine. This time they suprised Israel, however, they lost again at the end. and no one really win, only the peace, Sadat ex-president of Egypt understood this point well, and made peace-treaty and he returned Sinai pennunsula without shedding one blood, isn't peace nice, right?

First Israeli invasion to lebanon happened also for same reason, palestinian terror groups were using lebanese lands to fire missiles on Israeli civilians in north Israel, does anyone think there is no right for a state to defend itself?? however, Israel withdrew as result of international pressures. however, palestinian groups again fired missiles, so Israelis again invaded lebanon, and this time they made buffer zone to protect Israel from their attacks. however, this time they did not obey UN decisions and they continue war with Hizbollah who viewed itself as resistance. ok, resisteance, ok, despite all the tterror attacks on Iraqis, kuwaities, Lebanese, Americans and french. ok, however, Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000, of course Hizbollah celebrated, and UN said Israel completed its obligation and now lebanon should dismentle all the militias. nevertheless, Hizbollah started to claim Shaba'a farms as their lands, despite such problems should be solved in peace and in international agreements NOT war. they started to fire missiles on north israel, and israel stayed calm until 2006, when Hizbollah suddenly took advantage of bad time in gaza to perform his attack, this time was serving best Iran who was under pressure of giving their decision about their illegal nuclear program, and syria that was accused of assasinating lebanese ex-prime minister and wish to return its army to lebanon!!

On the other hand, Hamas & Hizbollah both, their attacks on Israel very very similar to attacks on Iraqis today, for instance, bombs and suicide attacks on RESTAURANTS, BUS STOPS!!, HOUSES!!, CLUBS!!, BARS!!, what these attacks called? resistance!!! these are terror attacks with no doubt. also, Palestinian terror group many decades ago kidnapped and slayed Israeli olympic team, similarly, terrorist groups in Iraq kidnapped many sport players in Iraq, why this similarity?

Finally, who are more dangerous to us more? of course Terror groups, Islamists!! shiites or sunnis, all those who put their beliefs over the country interests and the unity, all those who refuses peace. and most importantly we should stand with Israel against terror groups, and we should dismentle all terror groups in the mideast, reaching to final stabilizing of the region by eliminating Mullahs in hatred republic of Iran. ah, of course, we should not forget the Iranian and hizbollah newbies in Iraq, like stupid Muqtada al-Sadr, Badr , Al-Sarkhi.. and idiot Al-Haeri, an Iraqi treator in Iran.

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